Alright, so where to start...Lets just say I am new to this Blogging thing and you will more than likely see me say bloggin' instead of blogging LOL!

So a little about ya girl, Heather Beach.

I was born in Ashe Memorial Hospital, Jefferson, NC and funny story, delivered by a doctor that I closed a real estate transaction with. Any who, I was raised by my strict father and indifferent mother in Creston, NC. I lived in Creston for 18 years then moved to West Jefferson, NC. I now however, live in Jefferson, NC. Safe to say, I have been born and raised in Ashe County Mountains me Entire Life! My main goal in life is for my children to not only be able to say the same thing, but to be proud and happy to be born and raised in Ashe County, NC.

I am just a small town (literally) girl who is trying to survive this busy world while loving my children. Basically, I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I do believe I have reached my true calling with real estate though. I am a "bubbly" person and love to meet new people, I really love to show off my town also. I enjoy showing clients the little secret fishing spots in Helton and where I enjoy kayaking as well as my favorite hunting areas.

I am married to Jerry, Beach of course, he is in the dental field. He is a wonderful step-dad to my gorgeous girls! They are almost grown though....making me feel SO old! My oldest daughter is about to get her license and Lord help us ALL! That child does not pay attention LOL, we are still working on a few things before she gets her license. My youngest is almost a teenager EEEK, I know, what was I thinking having my children so close in age where I have teenagers at stressful moments in time?!?

I enjoy playing softball! Oh mercy, softball is my jam! We have an industrial league where adults play co-ed together and what fun it is! It is the most fun I have had in years! It is one thing to coach kids softball and having to sit behind the fence and cheer them on, but being on the field and eating dirt (even if it is falling) is just so life changing.

Well that is me in a tiny nutshell. Until the next one,


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